Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pierre Deux and a Magnificent Collection

Sunday morning, our final Quimper Club meeting day, we all piled into the bus for a trip to Pierre Deux, the wonderful shop that sells everything French Country. The manager briefed us on the history of the Provencal fabrics. They originated in India and became so popular in 18th century France that the government outlawed them since they took away from their wool and silk trade! Of course this made the them even more desirable so they were smuggled in, and eventually became legal again.

The members had a great time being immersed in French decorating.

Gay S and Trudi E in the lighting section.

Betty G and Lucy W ponder the new Quimper style on display.

Then we were off to view the last, and most magnificent, private collection. The theme was Christmas in the grand entrance, with a Christmas tree decorated in Quimper wall pockets and eggs.

The house was large and gracious, with lighted cabinets everywhere displaying large and unusual pieces. There were entire cabinets of CA and PB, as well as table settings and unique pieces displayed prominently, such as this magnificent lion.

The dining room was set with a beautiful three section display stand covered in flowers.

The front hall displayed unique and stunning pieces on shelving with mirrored backs so we could see the marks.

This piece was modeled after a foot warmer!

The kitchen displayed multiple shelves and cabinets of a huge variety of styles, makers, and eras and the table was set for a country luncheon.

Everywhere we looked we found even more surprises!

And an entire cabinet of CA pieces.

The garden was tranquil and was composed of several outdoor "rooms" and a wonderful lion head water spout and pool, surrounded by lemon trees.

Susie K, Ann S and Diane R enjoy the paneled study.

Trisha J and Karen in the outdoor patio.

Susan was crowned at the end of the day for her wonderful hosting and organizing, with Sarah A's help of course!

We were very grateful to Beverly for opening her house to us for the afternoon.


  1. I hardly know how to begin. First of all, Melissa and Trisha, you did a fabulous job. BRAVO. To all of us who couldn't go, you brought it to us at home.

    Beverly's collection is indescribable, it is so diverse and just wonderful. I will look at these photos many times. She has a truly beautiful home as well.

    Susan desrves a crown, I have heard the best comments on what a blast the meeting was. I am sure all the others worked hard too, like Sarah.

    Thank you to all.

  2. Your decorations are just fabulous and your home is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoyed it very much.Iflorist.co.uk

  3. Thanks for all these fabulous posts from the meeting. Great job, Trisha and Melissa! It was a wonderful time for me, and I hope for all who attended. It was a delight to work with Susan on this meeting. She is an amazing organizer and dear friend! ~ Sarah