Thursday, 8 October 2009 Melissa B

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About 15 years ago I came across one of the more unusual forms of Quimper faience, called a biberon.

A biberon is defined as a feeder, a nursing bottle, or a baby bottle, but was also used as a medicine bottle for the elderly. It has a base like a pitcher, with a rounded end spout, a handle on top and a lid. Most biberons found today are without a long-lost lid. The baby bottles were small, from 4" to 6" high.

The larger biberon, over 7", were sometimes used as cider pitchers, and sometimes they also had side handles. These are more rare and I do not have one in my collection, but you may!

Here is a demi-fantasie style, small baby bottle with a lid.

It was signed HB Quimper with the painter's mark below.

Another intact biberon with a lid.

This is a somewhat larger biberon, marked Henriot Quimper France with the painter's number next to it. This would have been made after 1929 when the HR & HR Quimper marks were changed, and with France on the name it would have been for export. Quimper was first exported to the US in the 1930's to a few select department stores.

This is a lovely small biberon made in the mid to late 1800's with a red clay base. It has no signature.

Another very small biberon:

The geometric style started in the late 1800's but was further refined in the 1930's and 1940's before WWII. This biberon is signed Henriot Quimper and would have been made after 1929, after the HR mark was dropped. The pattern included what looks like a tennis racket - with the stringing! So this became known as the tennis ball pattern.

And Sarah @ Hyacinths for the Soul also has a very lovely geometric pattern biberon in blues that she is sharing.

The geometric pattern is of special interest to me, stay tuned for all geometrics on Vintage Thingies Thursday at Colorado Lady.

Enjoy 3 Or More Tuesday!

Melissa B

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  1. Love your post... what beautiful things you have! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I was just thinking about the size of your collection. That must be very big. I love your little biberon. I would have loved seeing that in use.

  3. Melissa, thank you for another informative and interesting post. You have a nice collection of biberons. The unmarked piece looks like Malicorne to me because of the figure. Is that what you think as well? Looking forward to Thursday and seeing what you have in geometrics. The geometrics are one of my favorite decors. They mix in well with other pieces and add such interest. ~ Sarah

  4. Lovely pieces! I'm not familiar with these, thanks for sharing the details.

  5. Very nice Melissa, it is so interesting to see what others collect. I agree with Sarah about the Malicorne.