Saturday, 24 October 2009

Friday's fabulous homes!.....100th Post by Trisha and Melissa

This is it!!!

This is post #100........................and it's time for the giveaway!!

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Everyone mingled in the lobby Friday morning catching up with those members who had just arrived. Betty G. was sporting a lovely personalized HB Henriot brooch that had been a gift from the faiencerie from the meeting in Quimper in 2001.

Dale D., who makes up our French contingent for this meeting, chatting with Betty G.

Trisha & Melissa


  1. This is the BIG one, everybody.
    If you are planning on leaving a comment on any of Trisha & Melissa's wonderful posts this should be the one.
    There are goodies being given away.
    (I don't count, 'cos one of the items is from me!)

  2. Have so much enjoyed all the posts from the QCI meeting. Thank you Trisha and Melissa for a job well done!

    All best,

  3. The give-aways are super! Thanks for putting this all together. The meeting posts are all beautifully done. Great job, Trisha!

  4. Friday was FABULOUS! The home hosts did a super job of decorating their rooms or table tops with Q for the Holidays!
    Beginning the day at Betty's, we saw a display of some of Ann G's favorite snuffs, thanks to Jerry and sister Susie, along with Betty's Malicorne and favorite HRQ!
    The next home, had a display of Mayflower pieces (from Sarah's & Susan's collection) highlighting the Pilgrim's arrival...note: did you notice the Mayflower's mast was flying the French flag?; a breakfast tray decked out for a special birthday breakfast in bed; the breakfast room was set with several patterns of fish motif plates and serving pieces and lastly, a dining room tabletop set with Napoleon-form or Napoleon decor pieces (from Sarah's collection) was prepared for Josephine and her beau's romantic dinner date.

    Twila had a Valentine's Day table set it for Cupid himself! A great picnic lunch was served thanks to some local members and live music was once again provided by Pat, Lucy & Dick.
    Next, we made a visit to a fabulous local antiques shop hosted by Patsy & La.
    Last but not least, was the tour of Ann's home and collection. Who knew that Q would look so smart next to an elk! The collection, home and grounds were perfectly beautiful!
    Thanks to everyone for sharing your collections and homes with the Q members!

  5. I've been so enjoying seeing all of the beautiful pictures of the Dallas meeting. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts, and please enter me for a chance at one of your lovely giveaway items! laurie