Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Collections Trisha and Melissa

Betty greeted the buses with a smile. Her collection has a heavy emphasis on Malicorne and features some pieces that even longtime dealers had never seen before. She incorporates her pieces into her everyday life finding imaginative uses for them.

A fantastic pair of figural double salts with great color and form.

Yellow roses throughout the house really brought out the colors in the Quimper, making them really pop. Doesn't this make a great centerpiece?

This Malicorne piece features detailed scenes of children on every single panel.

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Trisha & Melissa


  1. Betty always told me her collection wasn't special, well I think it's fabulous.
    Another great post T&M, thanks for working so hard to bring the Meeting to all of those who didn't make it there this year.

  2. Betty's home is in deed very special! It is such a treat to see how each individual lives with their collection. Betty's home is full of charm and accented with wonderful French faience.