Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Porquier-Beau Trisha and Melissa.

Twila greets us at her lovely home. Club members were treated to a lovely picnic and two lectures.
Elizabeth New spoke to us about the art of the French table.

A beautiful collection of Porquier and HR pieces in the sitting room.

One of a pair of Alfred beau figures that were a find from the LaBaule meeting in 2007.

Each of our hostesses was asked to decorate for a holiday with their Quimper. This is a lovely Valentine's day place setting.

Club member Kathleen T has a doctorate in organ music and is an accomplished musician and choir director. She studied in Paris in 1955, spending the summer with her organ teacher in Bretagne. This sparked a love affair with Breton instruments and Quimper pottery. She talked to us about these instruments and how they are depicted, often comically, in Quimper pieces. It was a delightful presentation that everyone really enjoyed.

A lovely picnic of chicken salad, pimento cheese, and PBJ sandwiches was prepared by the Dallas QCI members.
Trisha and Melissa


  1. Of all the beautiful homes that I have visited in Dallas, Twila's is the one I covet!
    I'm so glad that the weather was kind to you.
    I'm looking forward to reading Kathleen's article in the QCI Journal soon.

  2. Trisha, you've done a marvelous job with highlights of the meeting. Thanks for all your efforts on this. Look forward to reading more. Missed saying good bye today. Keep in touch!