Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Collections continue Trisha and Melissa.

Our next stop was Susan C's collection.

Come on in, y'all! A great fall wreath with the commemorative plate from the first Dallas Quimper meeting. How festive.

A great Malicorne plate with a Breton holding a Quimper faience pitcher and another one on the dresser. The inclusion of the faience and the way the portrait fills the plate make this quite unusual.

A lovely pair of Napoleon and Josephine plates.

What a closet! I think sitting at this secretaire first thing every morning is a great way to start the day.

A collection of Mayflower pieces.

Ann-Marie contemplating the collection in the kitchen.

A fabulous faience backsplash done by a local artist and former club member in the style of Porquier-Beau. Like all great commissions, the lord and lady of the manor can be found in the painting.

Susan has some really lovely Bayeux pieces that the club learned about from Laverne Conway at our last meeting.

Tea for two!
Trisha & Melissa


  1. Beautiful Fall wreath, the collection is marvellous & the home just gorgeous.
    I see some tablescaping has been going on here.
    Sarah was that you?


  2. Beautiful, warm, welcoming home! Yes, Maggie, I got to play with the dishes!!! It was an absolutely fabulously fun week! Looking forward to next year with you and Nina at the helm.