Saturday, 24 October 2009

Museums and Trisha and Melissa

Our first stop on Thursday was the Meadows museum on the SMU campus. This museum had a focus on Spanish art from the 14th century until today.
Members enjoyed a guided tour by some very knowledgeable and passionate docents.

From there, we continued on to the Dallas Arts district to explore on our own. Members enjoyed visits to the Dallas Museum of Art where are very own Ann G. was a beloved docent. How we all miss Ann so, the Crow museum and the Nasher gallery were other stops along with the Sixth Floor Museum and the Dallas Aquarium.
After touring the Arts district, the bus headed towards Snider Plaza Antiques where new members, The Woodcocks, hosted the group along with the other dealers who display there lovely wares at their store. There was an amazing selection of Staffordshire and French Barbotine for sale.
Trisha & Melissa


  1. These Museums are amazing and anyone visiting Dallas should see at least one.

  2. We had a rainy start on this day, but the weather cleared upon our arrival to the Meadows Museum on the S.M.U. campus. A little sun actually peeked through in time for the walk through the Dallas Arts District for museum visits! It was a great day!