Thursday, 13 January 2011


As Maggie mentioned below we are in the middle of a transition.  We are actively seeking out new contributors to the blog.  If you are interested in blogging and are a member please contact the club at  Or if you have photos of your collection you would like to share, a question about a piece you found, tips on travelling in France - we would love your contribution.

To check out more of this lovely home, click here.

Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year's Resolution

#1 - Rotate my collection.  I have to admit I am not very good about this.  Once I find a "comfortable" spot for something, it pretty much stays that way for a while.

#2 -  Use It!  The cute little pitcher that just sits there should be filled with syrup!

#3 - Purge.  Those pieces that have't seen the light of day since I started collecting over 15 years ago.  Who cares if I only sell that porringer for $15 on ebay when I paid $60...

#4 -  Fix.  The box filled with some broken pieces.

#5 - Share/Donate.  Contact my local library and see if they would do a Quimper display. Speak at my city's garden club and share the history of Quimper while demonstrating how to arrange flowers in Quimper vessels.

What do you have planned? Please share. I will get back to you on my progress.  I have to admit #5 will be the hardest but hopefully it will help gain new members. 

I know President Susan Cox is preparing for a speaking engagement on Quimper to an antique group.  She has also posted a letter on our club website, go check it out here.

Happy New Year!