Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year's Resolution

#1 - Rotate my collection.  I have to admit I am not very good about this.  Once I find a "comfortable" spot for something, it pretty much stays that way for a while.

#2 -  Use It!  The cute little pitcher that just sits there should be filled with syrup!

#3 - Purge.  Those pieces that have't seen the light of day since I started collecting over 15 years ago.  Who cares if I only sell that porringer for $15 on ebay when I paid $60...

#4 -  Fix.  The box filled with some broken pieces.

#5 - Share/Donate.  Contact my local library and see if they would do a Quimper display. Speak at my city's garden club and share the history of Quimper while demonstrating how to arrange flowers in Quimper vessels.

What do you have planned? Please share. I will get back to you on my progress.  I have to admit #5 will be the hardest but hopefully it will help gain new members. 

I know President Susan Cox is preparing for a speaking engagement on Quimper to an antique group.  She has also posted a letter on our club website, go check it out here.

Happy New Year!


  1. Katie, I like your resolutions. I'm going to take on the same ones. ;-)
    Hope your holidays were delightful, and all the best for 2011.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  2. Welcome back Katie,
    #2 & #3 rang a chord with me.
    I, like many others I'm sure, am pleased that the new Board has decided to keep the blog viable, for the time being.
    Long may it continue.

  3. Katie, I am happy you are continuing the blog.
    One thing I will be doing that you will be doing is putting flowers in Quimper vessels.

  4. Good resolutions, all! I have given programs on Quimper faience to Questers organizations, as well as the Phoenix Art Museum Collectors Study Club..and agree that the more we expose people to this artistic heritage, the better! Good luck with all of your, I had better attend to MY list.