Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Au revoir........from Maggie

The end of the year is fast approaching and so is my time here as QCI blogmistress.
January 2011 will herald in a new Board of Directors for the Quimper Club and so we say goodbye to Cerelle who has been the 2nd VP responsible for web activites and hello to Katie who steps up next.
You will have "met" both of these women here on the blog when they did their bit for promoting the Club and shared their love of all things faience related.
Many other Club members have volunteered their time, sharing their collections and collecting experiences with us, 253 blog posts to date.
I, for one, have learned a lot from them since I began the blog back in February 2009.
I suppose like many of you, I always take time as the year draws to a close to review the past 12 months and so I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the guest bloggers.
There wouldn't have been a blog without you, ladies.
To celebrate our success and say a last farewell I would like to share with all our blog visitors and followers a personal favourite blog from each of them.
Click on their names to reread, or discover anew, the original post.
In no particular order:
This is likely to be the last post on this blog, the future is a little uncertain as the new Board may go in another direction and develop things in a different way, we shall have to wait and see.
However, rest assured, this blog will stay forever in blogland to serve as a resource for all Quimper fans and lovers of French faience.
In the meantime you can always visit me at my own blog Normandy Life

and I leave you with one of my own favourite posts from earlier this year.

au revoir


  1. Maggie, it's been a fun ride! I, too, have learned much from you and the others. This blog is a great resource of both photos and information. Thank you for all the time and effort that has gone into the 253 posts. You have done a fantastic job. I hope another club member will decide to continue with this effort. It's been rewarding to see the diversity of topics that members have shared. The QCI is a wonderful group of individuals! I enjoyed the look back at your favorites. Thanks for sharing.
    ~Merci ~

  2. Dear Maggie,

    You have done so much for the QCI Club and for beginning this blog, I will miss it for sure, if it no longer is being done. Thank you so much, for all your time and hard work to give all the rest of us joy. As well, thank you to all those who blogged. I have truly enjoyed them all.

    May your New Year be a Happy, Healthy one.

    All best,

  3. Thanks Maggie for taking the initial reigns of the blog. I hope someone will continue where you have left off.
    Best Wishes

  4. Thanks so much Maggie. I have truly enjoyed the blog and i hope that the QCI officers continue on with it.

  5. Maggie - you are such a gem. Thank you for all your efforts and your support for your guest bloggers! I have learned so much from all the blogs. You are always such an inspiration.

  6. Hi Maggie...here I am trying to post my very first blog comment...let's see if I can actually do it without your able assistance...

    I've already thanked you personally for your extraordinary efforts and guidance during my stints as guest blogger...if the rest of the community knew how patiently you dealt with my technical deficiencies, you would get a gold star for sure!

    I didn't realize that the QCI blog might not continue...but I want you to know that your enthusiasm has led to my being "bitten" by the blogging bug and I actually started one of my own: on-a-vintage-path.blogspot.com. (See...I don't even know how to make a link!)

    Thanks again,
    Adela and Mark Meadows
    The Meadows Collection