Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Not quite the Last Post by QCI President Gaynor.

Earlier in the year I submitted a post called ‘Last Look’ this was mainly pictures of my collection prior to having some work done on our house which included a small extension…….
It had taken a total of 3 years to get planning permission to do this work with several plans being rejected and many changes along the way…..

The work commenced at the end of March, and at various times we were without a sink or hot water…not much fun….especially when everything is covered with layers of dust.
For several weeks I was washing up in a bowl set upon a table under a gazebo in the garden, it seemed endless…however we love the new space we have created, so it was worth it

The downside is that even after all this work I have less space for my collection, so I have had to be ruthless, lots of items are in the loft in boxes: we want to keep this space light and airy so it’s a case of ‘less is more’.

On display on the dresser are a set of re issued plates by Creston (which I have owned for about eight years but never displayed) and above them the Pornic plates decorated with birds that my parents gave me.
On the next shelf sit my favourite figural pieces and on the top the old lady is joined by a mere youngster….with a few children between them.

On the other side of the room more traditional Quimper décor, takes pride of place.
Bretons mix with Normans after years of being segregated!
On the lowest shelf are works by Quimper artist Brisson, and on the top of the shelves are Desvres pieces.

I have added a couple of pieces, most recently a couple of ‘trial’ plates and a tiny Fouillen box

At last I have somewhere to display my Valerie le Roux pieces, including a poster which was much admired by the picture framer. Valerie has a studio in Concarneau and shares a building with the family creperie, well worth a visit if you are the area.
(Next year the Quimper Club meeting is in Quimper and a fabulous program is ‘in the works’. Why not join us there? )

In the kitchen a new niche holds a few Ivoire Corbeille pieces, and beneath them a couple of cockerels and a hen.

As the year draws to a close, so too my term as President of the Quimper Club comes to an end – I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those that have volunteered their time and expertise to Club and particularly to Maggie who not only had the imagination to start the Quimper Club blog but has run it for the past two years.
We have enjoyed a stellar variety of posts ever since the blog started and that is entirely due to her tireless work. She has dedicated countless hours to making sure that the blog runs smoothly and has interesting posts that keep us all checking in to read and enjoy the world of Quimper pottery. She has a true volunteers heart!

I know I speak for many Quimper blog readers when I say a wholehearted thank you to her.


Lastly, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and the very Happiest of New Years!

A bientot


  1. Lovely post, Gay, and yes, I wish to give a HUGE thanks to Maggie whose skill and time and warm spirit has been shared with us all..through the blog and her devotion to the Quimper Club! Those of us who have contributed..with MUCH assistance from her, have some idea of how much work it has been for her to do this for the club. I am sad that it will not be carried on, but perhaps yet it will live. BLESS YOU, MAGGIE..and carry on with your own lovely blog. Love and hugs,

  2. I would like to add my thanks to the above! Maggie's persistance in making sure that the blog was consistently lively, informative, and decorated has given the reading public - Quimper collectors as well as others - the opportunity to enjoy and to learn. The Club has talented writers who take good photos - a great combo for a blog - and they have been so generous about sharing. Merci beaucoup to all... judy

  3. Gay, I enjoyed your blog and your photos in your new addition.You have served the QCI Club well and I for one, thank you.

    Maggie, what can any of us say, you are one of the most generous people I've met and I have so enjoyed all the benefits of your devoted service to this blog. Thank you too, to all who contributed as I enjoyed them all. I can imagine how much time it takes.

    Bless all of you. xx