Thursday, 13 January 2011


As Maggie mentioned below we are in the middle of a transition.  We are actively seeking out new contributors to the blog.  If you are interested in blogging and are a member please contact the club at  Or if you have photos of your collection you would like to share, a question about a piece you found, tips on travelling in France - we would love your contribution.

To check out more of this lovely home, click here.


  1. Now that's a kitchen! Love the laundry room with all those open storage shelves and that copper farm sink. The touch of Q makes it perfect! ;-)
    I'm happy to help from time to time, but I do hope others will join in to help keep the QCI blog active. ~ Sarah

  2. Hi Katie, You can probably count on me to do a post or two every once in a while, but I agree with Sarah and it would be nice to get some new contributors...and to those that may be hesitant, let me just say that if someone as hopelessly low-tech as I am can do it, then you can too!...Adela