Sunday, 1 November 2009

A new month and a new Guest Maggie B

That's right, Cerelle B is the QCI’s 2nd VP, responsible for the Club’s Web presence & New Member recruitment and she will be blogging for us this month, sharing tales of collecting and travelling.

To help you get to know her a little better here’s a short bio.

“While yet in high school, she developed a strong friendship with a French pilot who was stationed in Arizona. His tales of France and his personal charm won her interest, and the plan to visit France was formed. When in France for the first time, Cerelle had a "chance encounter" with Quimper which has changed her life in many ways.

As a college student, she studied fashion design and fine arts in St. Louis, Missouri. Then at graduation, winning a place on the Mademoiselle College Board, she moved to New York City. She enjoyed two years there working in the industry, then decided she would move back to her loved Arizona and spend her efforts doing something of more permanent value.

As a teacher of third grade students, she found ample opportunity to share her love of France, history, geography and art. On their many trips to France, she and her husband, Bill, followed routes to visit, learn about and photograph the historic places in France which she featured in her class.

Of course, those travels paused at each brocante, antiquites, vide grenier or market day where she might find another Quimper treasure! Now retired, she has served as a volunteer in the Arizona Costume Institute of the Phoenix Art Museum, as a member of the Collectors Study Club which is an invitational support group of the museum, and she has gotten into much more collecting trouble with the aid of internet auctions!”

Look out for Cerelle’s posts soon.

Today I’m also announcing the winners of our 100th blog post giveaway.

Comments on the 100th blog post were few and just 2 other bloggers took our button and displayed it on their own blog, thanks to Carol @ Serendipity and Sarah @ Hyacinths for promoting the QCI blog.

Nevertheless, this morning names went into a hat and Mr B did the honours.
Congratulations to Doris: Pouplard book, to Susan: Lisette calendrier.
and to Laurie: Petit Breton kitchen towel.

à bien tôt


  1. The mosaic is wonderful Maggie! Congratulations to the winners.

  2. Oh, the new header mosaic is fabulous! As you know, these pieces are just my style. The butterfly plate, the rooster bowl, the rooster plates....all full of charm and bright color. Thanks for the interesting background on Cerelle. I didn't know she had a background in fashion design. I'm looking forward to her posts this month.
    And a big Congratulations to our winners. It's great to see more and more bloggers interested in Quimper and our blog.

  3. Maggie, a most interesting post. Your mosaic is creative too, with perhaps Cerelle's pieces? To whomever they belong, they are well chosen in my humble opinion, nice painting on them, etc.

    I can't imagine that the DORIS who won would be moi?

    Look forward to Cerelle's posts as well, all of you do a great service to us.

    A bientot,

  4. Lovely mosaic... looking forward to November posts.

    Congratulations to the 100th post winners :-)

    Here's to the next 100 !

  5. Glad you are all enjoying the new mosaic I made, they are indeed pieces from Cerelle's private collection.

  6. Oh, the header is gorgeous! And how fun that I won the towel! It is so pretty. Thank you so much. I am so excited! laurie