Wednesday, 18 November 2009


* obsessive, enamored, addicted, fixated?

After so many years with so few finds, a couple of things happened that helped my collection to grow.

My friend across the street kept telling me I needed to get a computer.

I resisted.

I didn't want to be secretary for clubs to which I belonged, and having a computer would make me "eligible."

But one day she said, "I want to show you something."
She went to her computer, brought up eBay, and put in the search word, Quimper.
Suddenly, up came hundreds of entries. Right there were more Quimper pieces than I had seen in decades of looking!! OMG!! WELL! THAT was THAT!

Soon I had my first computer, and with help from my friend and mentor, Annie, I had it up and searching ... and getting me into trouble.

One day not long after, as I was browsing the world's offering of faience, I saw an interesting note at the bottom of an auction. It said something like,

"If you are interested in joining a club for Quimper collectors, write to me."

OH BOY! I typed in my response as fast as my fingers would move..
and that is how I met Lucy!

(Queen Lucy later in Dallas at the 2002 meeting)

Only a few weeks later there was the first meeting in Santa Monica...just next door in California. Bill and I happily drove over to attend.

We talked with Lucy and bought a nice piece of Desvres faïence from her.

(Is that Adela?)

I had all of my Quimper books signed by the authors.
But I pretty much went around in a daze.

(Co Queen Katie at the first meeting in Santa Monica 1999)

All these beautiful pieces of faïence! WHERE had they been all of my life?

I look at my photos rather guiltily now, as there is hardly one of my friends in them except by accident, but then, I did not yet know them.

I had my dazed eyes and the camera lens focused on the fabulous faïence, much of which I had never seen before.

Now I see that, yes, there is Joan, and there in another photo is Katie, but there are people in the photos with their heads lopped off. Oh dear...Well, I hope I did better in Dallas this year!

(still, I have to admit..I take LOTS of photos of the faïence)

So this is how my collection grew...

...the Quimper Club with their wonderful sales and exciting meetings,
and the capability to browse auctions on the Internet.

Now our little house "runneth over" and still I browse compulsively for there is always something I have never before seen.

* and yes, I have served as secretary in a club or two...drat!


  1. Love it Cerelle! I didn't think I wanted a computer either, but little did I know what was in store. Up until then, I had relied on our very capable French faience dealers, but after the computer, the world was ours to peruse for 'finds'. I must confess my house 'runneth over' too.
    Love the photo of your plates in the kitchen. When I decided to hang mine above my sink, Neal insisted on having them in a dancing pattern, I wanted them straight, as yours are. Oh well, they are up there anuyway. Your blues set them off so well.
    BRAVO! Another great and interesting post!

  2. Cerelle, I think most of us can admit to the same. I didn't get to attend the Santa Monica meeting so it's fun to see more of the photos. The plates in your kitchen look stunning against the blue walls.
    OK, now I want you to show individual photos of all those plates so we can enjoy the details of each one. Or a meeting in AZ to see all this first hand.
    Thanks for sharing this delightful post. ~ Sarah

  3. I remember typing QUIMPER into the Ebay search facility and closing my eyes, just hoping some would be listed - oh boy, there were hundreds of lots !!!!
    Great post Cerelle