Friday, 29 October 2010

Savannah Meeting Update: Part Two

Getting the meeting updates from Lucy have been bitter sweet. I would have loved to attend but I have small children at home. Some day when everyone is a bit more self sufficent I hope to be able to come.

So while many of you were enjoying historic Savannah and the wonderful Quimper club members I was getting halloween costumes ready, picking up candy, carving pumpkins, and baking pumpkin loaf. If you haven't read Sarah's post below, please do it will also put you in the Halloween spirit! -Katie
Update by Lucy:

"This afternoon a few of us (about 65 or so) took off on a trolley to go down to the river to partake in a cruise preceded by a luncheon, complete with local entertainment.
The weather said "no rain" but apparently, the clouds didn't read that report. After 45 minutes of rain during which the local shops sold out of umbrellas, we boarded our riverboat and set off up and down the river. Lovely scenery, and even more importantly, it was a excellent chance to mingle and visit with old friends.

The evening's Meet and Greet was yet another great opportunity to visit. Dick, Pat, and I played trio music from 6:30 until 8:00 with a couple of tiny breaks in the middle to say hello to newly arrived members. It was a very enjoyable day and we are all looking forward to tomorrow. After a good night's sleep, we'll all be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again and ready for another adventure.

I'm still in awe of what the Old Pink House restaurant managed to do with crushed pecans and a chicken breast! I forgot to mention that the house was built in 1771 and was most recently refurbished in 1992. The crown molding was amazing and I loved the green walls in our dining room. During the evening, I kept seeing a lady at Dan & Karen Davis' table that I didn't know , but since they had guests with them I decided that perhaps she was another of their guests. Well, she wasn't at all. Maggie B caught my arm while I was strolling around sight-seeing in the mansion and let me know that the mystery lady was no other than Jenny L! My word! I had been emailing Jenny for years and years but had never gotten to meet her in person! Thank heaven for the Q Club meetings and the wonderful, wonderful members who put these together for us!!

In other news, some of our Dallas members were stuck back at the Dallas airport due to tornado warnings yesterday afternoon. I hope they can fly in today!

The club members trolleyed through the Historic District this morning, then broke for lunch and continued our Savannah education via a walking tour in the afternoon. We saw the insides of two historic homes and walked by several other famous homes and monuments, including the infamous Mercer House where Jim Williams shot Danny Hansford. "The book" and "the movie" are still the talk of the town.
Dinner in the evening was at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. There were platters of fried chicken and 22 (and I'm not kidding) side dishes. Banana pudding served as dessert.
Afterward, we waddled back to the hotel while others managed to check out the local pubs and evening spots. It was an amazing day in this lovely old city! I will ask your indulgence while I send out a few "reruns" of my favorite pieces.

Our morning tour guide clearly thought that Jim Williams got his "due" from the Lord when he dropped dead of a heart attack a year after his 4th trial ended. Interesting! We were also told that the church bells were confiscated on the orders of Gen. Sherman because he couldn't sleep and was tired of hearing them ring. Oh well, that was the morning guide. The afternoon guide said that the church ladies won that battle (about the bells) and that the bells were not confiscated nor were they hung upside down upon their return. It's hard to know who to believe. There seems to be a thin line between history and folk tales. Oh, and we passed several haunted houses on the tours. It was quite a day!
Tomorrow should be calm in comparison since it only involves the QClub business meeting, sale, and dinner.

Today was HOT! I think that we set records for this day in the history of the universe or something like that. The temps hit 88 or so and some of us melted. Luckily we spent a nice portion of the day on air conditioned buses touring two fabulous homes and one outstanding plantation. We (the club members) took dozens and dozens of photos and I would tell you all about this but I think that you'll enjoy reading about it more in the next edition of the Journal.
We bid a sad farewell until next year to the other Q Club members and headed out for adventures in Charleston this morning. Pat, Colin, Dick and I arrived in time for a late lunch and then took a water taxi over to the city's downtown historic district. We almost melted from the heat but stumbled upon a mule drawn carrriage tour in our eleventh hour. Traveling around the city under the shade of a fringed surrey gave us a brief education, a viewing of many wonderful historic homes and churches, as well as a chance to revive ourselves a bit.

We then headed for the "antique" row. The good news is that we found it; the bad news is that the shops were all closing. One shop owner was just locking up but asked if we were looking for anything specific. "French faience" I answered. He shook his head - no, he didn't have any of that but perhaps a shop down the way might have something. We thanked him and continued down the sidewalk while we admired his wares through the large glass windows......and there we spotted a lovely Gien jug in the white background glaze with typical decor that sports cherubs. No faience? Indeed!

A shop across the street still had the door open so we poked our heads in and asked if they were closed. Yes, they were but what were we looking for? French faience we answered. No, he didn't have any of that, but what specifically??? Quimper, I asked?? No, no Quimper. The sales assistant interjected that they had a Quimper plate. He didn't remember it, but she went to get it to show him. In the meantime, I also inquired about Malicorne, Desvres, Gien??? Malicorne! Yes, he had Malicorne and led me over to look at the world's largest vase. It was in the Rouen decor on a Delft style form. Huge piece! I asked if it was marked so he turned it over and it had the Emile Tessier mark. I explained to him what it was. He didn't really know that it was a 20th century piece or much at all about faience. I also spotted a huge tureen and platter (VP mark) and a couple of other things. The Quimper plate was HB-Henriot and only 3 years old.

We'll be hitting the antique malls and stores tomorrow to see what other faience we can find. I'm hoping to get the huge Malicorne vase out of my head ......but you know how hard that is! There is a slight chance that it might need to come home with me! We're all hoping that the heat will calm down a bit. Oh, and in the morning we'll be touring an aircraft carrier. Dick is really looking forward to that since it's been over 50 years since he was doing a tour of duty on one."
Thank you Lucy for your updates! Hope everyone enjoyed them. Have a very Happy Halloween!


  1. Hi Lucy, Sounds like it is all great fun and lovely and that so many Quimper addicts are together again.
    Sue in the UK.

  2. Katie, you and the little ones look so cute among the pumpkins, and your fall mantel is charming.
    A fun time was had by all in Savannah. We saw some gorgeous faience throughout the trip, enjoyed the sights and history of Savannah, but most importantly to me was the opportunity to reconnect with treasured friends made through this organization. You were missed!
    Hugs to you ~ Sarah