Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Savannah Meeting Update Part One

One of the great things about the Annual meeting is that you find you have so much in common with fellow collectors. Its not every day you are in a room with people who are fanatic over this beautiful pottery! This love of pottery is what started Lucy and me to create the Club. Admittedly I have been to only a few meetings. Shortly after the creation of the club I got married and started having children. I don't have a lot of time left in my days for hobbies. But just because I can't always go to a meeting or afford pieces of pottery I lust after ...doesn't mean I don't get a lot back being a member of the club.

Meeting report from Lucy Williams:

"Pat, Colin, Dick, and I flew out of Vancouver at the crack of dawn this morning. We landed in Dallas for brief layover and a nice lunch and then while waiting forthe flight to Savannah were delighted to run into fellow Q Club member, Nancy Ninegar (Santa Rosa, CA)! After arriving at the hotel and checking in, we joined Judy Datesman, herbrother, Jeff, Gaynor Smith and Nancy for a fun visit in the hotel lounge area. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be with the old Quimper Club gang again!"
"The members continue to arrive in this beautiful southern city. We had 48 members, spouses, and guests attending the Old Pink House restaurant this evening. The Q Club members took up the largest dining room and I must say, we looked rather grand as we ordered off of the wonderfully creative menu! Roger and Maggie sat at atable with Mary,  Susan & John, Susie , and Ann Marie & Fred.
Gaynor was at a corner table with Bevra & Tom, Nancy, Cerelle....oh dear, well I guess I shouldn't name everyone at every table but let's just say that the food was divine but that the company was even better!
Tomorrow is the riverboat cruise during the day and the Meet & Greet in the evening.
I'll send you a report on how our trio did in our second year performance for the Q Club.
I am having a fabulous time with so many Quimper collectors here.
If you are not here then please consider coming to a meeting if you can. The Q Club is filled with very special people."


  1. Thanks Lucy for sharing your enjoyment of the meeting so far with everyone.
    As one of the meeting planners I appreciate you taking the time to let eveyone know how much fun we're all having.
    Let's hope your reports will encourage others to join us next year when we visit the " Quimper motherlode" in the town of Quimper, Brittany, France.

  2. Katie, you are so right. The QCI has provided us all with amazing new friendships. Thank you to you and Lucy for creating this club. We've missed seeing you. The Savannah meeting was wonderful, and I hope it works out for you to attend a meeting again soon. ~ Sarah