Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fleur de Lys

I think part of being a Francophile is the love of the Fleur de Lys. The French picked a perfect symbol. You can find it all over French faience. It doesn't stop with faience in my house, I have a fleur de lys chandelier, book ends and even a sweatshirt! Here are a few of my pieces. Hope you enjoy!

A wonderful wall pocket/match holder. Marked CA.

A large CA pitcher found for only $20!

Love this bell and so do my children! Marked Henriot Quimper France.

Small piece found in Nice, France - No mark.
Plate marked Blois. Boulogne pitcher marked with the H arrow D symbol.

Again I love the mix of blue and white. This may be one of my favorite
pieces in my collection. Marked only HB.

HB Quimper pitcher. Blois salt. Unmarked egg cup.

History of the Fleur de Lys:
Translated as the “flower of the lily”, is a legendary symbol of France. Initially, it served as a decorative element and can be found as far back as Mesopotamia. Over time, it came to to represent royalty (not specific to France) signifying perfection, light and life.
Here is a fun story about a Fleur de Lys tattoo.
If you are a foodie and visit San Francisco then you must try the
I have and it's delicious.

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  1. Katie, your posts are always filled with special delights. I agree, the fascination with the fleur de lys symbol goes with being a Francophile. Fun to see your special pieces. ~ Sarah