Thursday, 14 October 2010

I Spy...Soleil

October issue of Country Living Magazine has a feature with several pictures of Quimper.

A wonderful Soleil tea pot filled with beautiful flowers.

A charming Soleil plate filled with nuts.

The October issue of Country Living magazine gives a very updated look to Quimper. Often we see Quimper adorned in only french country style homes - which I favor as I would think must of us Quimper collectors do! The above pieces are owned by a hip, young family whose home has an Anthropologie feel.

The "Soleil"glaze is the perfect Quimper to take us into Fall. I believe it started being produced in the 1920's. It reminds me of my favorite mustard corduroy skirt. Here are a few pieces I sprinkled around the house to get some Fall color.

I found this large (11') scalloped bowl at the Long Beach Flea Market in California. Co-founder, Lucy Williams introduced me to this market which is a must if you visit Southern California. Much like the Rose Bowl Flea Market you may see a few celebrities. Speaking of, I was told that actress Michelle Pfeiffer collects Soleil. This piece is marked HB Quimper France.

This set of coffee mugs were a gift which I believe were purchased in Petaluma, California. Petaluma is a quaint town that is a perfect stop on your way to Sonoma wine country in Northern California. Just past Petaluma is Healdsburg which has a town square very similar to what you will see in Savannah.

Lastly, this small plate which is marked HB Quimper France F303 D 201. I am not sure how I acquired it but I think I just fell in love with it again. I thought I would take a tip from Country Living and enjoy some nuts with my Quimper .

Please share with us how you use Quimper to decorate for Fall...


  1. Katie, interesting that you mention the soleil for fall color. I hosted my antique club here this morning, and I used some small soleil plates as well as a square soleil bowl to serve grapes. I had other Q pieces on the table as well, but the yellow was a nice touch. It picked up the color of the yellow alstroemeria flowers in the Quimper vase I used in the center of the table.
    I'll pick up a copy of CL this afternoon. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Lovely "sunshine" soleil..that yellow just makes one happy to see it! This was a happy post, Katie..and I liked the ways these pieces were used.Thank you, too, for the heads up on that Country Living article! Now..if we could just contact Michelle Pfeiffer about joining....

  3. I have never heard of this before. I think they are probably the most beautiful dishes I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing, Doylene