Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Damaged Goods or Favorite Treasure? Part Two

A while back Maggie posted the original entry, Damaged Goods or Favorite Treasure?
As I was unpacking I came across several pieces that I have always adored.
Since they are already broken I have no fear displaying them near little hands.

All of these pieces are pretty crudely glued back together, somehow it doesn't bother me.
The tulip vase was broken by the base.
And as you can tell the little tray broke in several places.
The colors of both pieces are so beautiful together.
I love how the mums from the garden bring a little Fall inside.

This tray has a nice clean break.
And I was finally able to successfully dry
a hydrangea from my garden.

Flowers and Quimper what more does a girl need!
Happy Friday.


  1. I think I have a sister piece to the last tray in your post! It is chipped and cracked, but my one and only piece of Quimper! I paid $1.75 for it and it has me hooked and always on the lookout for more!

  2. Katie, I don't seem to mind if a piece has a repair either. It's important to me to save these little pieces of art. I couldn't stand the thought of tossing them in the trash. And you are absolutely right about Quimper and fresh flowers. Happy Day, dear friend! ~ Sarah

  3. I agree..almost! One must include Chocolate..very dark, among the necessities of life! Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers..and you can guess how futile THAT is in Arizona! And yes, I have quite a few treasures with "signs of their pasts" and that does not diminish the beauty of the painting and the colors..and I just use them and LOVE them! Thanks for the inspiration, Katie.