Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Do you realize there are only 62 days before Christmas!
If you are not attending the Quimper Annual Meeting this week
then you can still do some shopping from home.
I thought these would be perfect for my daughters dollhouse!
Maybe you want to give a friend a small Quimper token or you have
a granddaughter who is just starting to collect.
Or you have no idea what to get your wife because
she has every Quimper thing imaginable...

Here are the details from my friend Judy Datesman:
""Fèves" are trinkets hidden in the King's Cake that celebrates the Epiphany. In times gone by, it was a dried bean (a "fève"), and the person who found it was king for the day. By about 1870, the bean was replaced by small figures in porcelain, and more recently, in plastic, but still called "fèves". Today "fèves" are generally produced in theme series, in every imaginable style: Disney figures, regional motifs, ceramics, antiques, cartoon characters, foods, etc. About 1" to 1-1/2" in size, they have become very popular collectibles; generally a series is produced for one year only."
Cost is approx $30 US with shipping included.
I imagine like all things there is a possibility they won't
be on time for Christmas but they would also make a
perfect Valentine's Day, Birthday, or Mother's Day gift!
Please contact Judy at Brittany Byways to order.

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  1. Katie, this new set really has charming designs. I think it is a terrific idea to get these as stocking stuffers for little (or big) girls with doll houses. ;-)
    ~ Sarah