Monday, 4 October 2010

How are you accessorizing?

October has finally arrived which means the much anticipated meeting is this month! Are you ready? While cleaning out my closet, putting summer stuff away and bringing fall to the front...I uncovered some of my much loved Quimper accessories - silk scarf, heart pendant and badges. Do you know where yours are? Time to put them close to your suitcases and get ready for the Savannah soirre!


  1. Katie, I'll get myself organized. Thanks for the reminder. LOL

  2. Not packed yet but starting to think about it.
    What a shame you won't be joining us, Katie.

  3. I am still working on it! May be able to pop in.

  4. Gathering my Quimper goodies to wear and enjoy all over again! Thanks for the reminder, Katie!