Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Piece from My Travels

This is a Desvres clock I picked up in 2000 on a trip to London. My mother and I somehow stumbled onto a Country Living Magazine Holiday show in the outskirts of London. Near the train station I spotted a store with this inside. It was possibly my quickiest purchase - no time for decisions.


  1. Katie, I'm glad you didn't think twice about this purchase. It's lovely! The form, the color, . . . everything about it. I have to ask though, does it still work? I have a clock that works somewhat, but not reliable. I'd like to have it fixed but the clock shop I ask didn't think they could fix it. Would be interested to know if you have a good source for getting one of these old faience clocks in working order.

  2. Thank you. No, this clock doesn;t work - it actually took a fall in my curio cabinet so currently the arms are not attached. I do not have a clock repair shop but I have been tinkering with the idea of seeing if it can be repaired.

  3. It is beautiful! What a smart quick purchase. laurie