Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I Spy Part Four

Source Bon Appetit

We have moved three times in six years with another move going on right now. The one thing that has been constant is the display of Quimper plates in the dining room. Some of the plates have changed but this has always been a sense of comfort. Both my children learned early on what a rooster was because of these plates and of course the french name. These plates are in many a holiday picture as we all sit around the table. These plates feel like “home” even if we are in a rented apartment. I wonder how these children feel about Quimper? Do your children or family members love it or think you are crazy?

Happy Collecting! - Katie

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  1. Katie, hopefully you are raising two more fans of Quimper. Someday they will enjoy these pieces in their own home and recall fond memories of growing up with these charmers.