Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Birthday's - Quimper Style

This is one of my favorite plates (on the left). Two years ago my husband took a picture of it to a cake lady and she created this to celebrate my birthday. It was such a wonderful surprise.

I also love this birthday card that has a Quimper-ish plate in the background.

My Nancy Brackbill notecards are perfect for writing birthday thank you notes.

When you love something like Quimper its always nice when the people around you take notice.

Happy Collecting! - Katie


  1. What a thoughtful husband, and what a great idea! Love the cake. Those b'day note cards are just precious. laurie

  2. She did a terrific job, and you do have such a thoughtful husband!

  3. Katie, I remember the cake. What a thoughtfully sweet thing to do. Love the note cards and that birthday card. Who makes the birthday card?
    Hope your day is fun! ~ Sarah

  4. The card is from a company called Ciao Bella, the card is called Pistachio Cake, 203-245-4433.
    There is a gift store in Denver called The Lark which this came from they have some Quimper inspired needlepoint signs, waste paper baskets, and sconces.

  5. Your cake is a masterpiece! Painting with icing must be almost as difficult as painting on that absorbent white faience surface. Your husband is a masterpiece himself to think of such a delightful surprise! Nice job, Katie!