Thursday, 1 April 2010


I really really like NEW Quimper. There I said it. It may make me unpopular in the Q Club world. Most members have magnificent collections that focus on old, antique, and other French faience. But truly I love seeing the new stuff just as much as the old.

I also must confess that even thought I am a co-founder of this wonderful club I would say I have a very simple and small collection. Could be because I am very cautious when it comes to buying ANYTHING or it could be because I never had the means to spend big bucks.

You will see a little glimpse of my collection here but since we are in the process of moving much of it has been packed away. Also, I live with two small children and we have already had one Quimper related accident which I will post about later.

So for now, I would like to share with you some Quimper that has been seen in one of my favorite magazines, House Beautiful.. A great article titled 101 Plates" - a plate for everyone. Quimper is featured in the Fleuri Royal pattern, available at Pierre Deux. To me this pattern, shouts SPRING and also how cute would some of these plates be hanging in a little girl's room! Another thing I like about this pattern is its not typically Quimper meaning there are no peasants depicted, so its a great pattern in that it could appeal to both Quimper and Non Quimper collectors.

For a while Pierre Deux stopped carrying Quimper and started carrying another brand that to me screamed, FAKE! Now it really wasn't fake it just wasn't to my liking, the colors were muted and the peasants just didn't "speak " to me.

But back to House Beautiful, they also did an article called, A Collector's Fantasy in Nantucket. The homeowners have lovely blue cabinets to display their collections. The Soleil pattern featured was described as contemporary. Readers what do you think, contemporary to you? Anyway, I do have a couple of pieces of this pattern. My first purchase of the Soleil pattern I believe was at the Long Beach Flea Market in Southern California. There was a large scalloped bowl with a hairline fracture and I am thinking I paid around $100 for it. Lucy Williams (the other co-founder) and I used to love this market and she taught me to always ask for the "best price".

Another reference to Quimper in House Beautiful was back in 2007 in an article The Best! For the Kitchen: "English and French pottery, a German silver don't have to leave home to bring European countryside into your kitchen." This article also pictured the Soleil pattern.

I love feedback, stories, pictures, etc. And since I have not been involved in the club for quite a few years it would give me the chance to meet the new members and get reacquainted with the old. So tell me collectors, do you like the Soleil pattern? Do you prefer a mix of old and/or new?

Wishing you happy collecting! Katie


  1. Welcome to the QCI blogger gang, Katie. Thanks for a great first post, looking forward to hearing more.

  2. I like new Quimper especially those by contemporary artist. I have several Marie Toulhouat pieces and some items by Valerie la Roux.
    I'll soon hopefully be selling some pieces and re investing in a few Phillippe Lalys plates.....

    My feeling is that its important to support the new artists and buy new faience, if people hadn't done that in the past we wouldn't be able to enjoy the work of past artists today

  3. Hi, Katie, a clever gal you are, setting your table in new Quimper. I learned that from you many years ago now, and when I'm at the HB-Henriot factory, I always search the seconds rack for fun additions at great prices. Mix and max. I agree, if you buy the patterns with the Breton and Bretonne, some guests at the table won't understand! Glad you're "back!" Laverne

  4. I love to mix and match most things. Make life more interesting. I'm also a fan of the soleil pattern. I love the sunny yellow. I've a few pieces in this pattern, but I also have pieces of Desvres in sunny yellow. It is some of my favorites faience. I didn't see the article in House Beautiful. I'll look for it.
    Glad you are back and involved.

  5. Great blog, Katie! I'm sure you're not the only Club member who is fan of the newer pieces. One of the newer Q patterns with the fisherman painted in a deco-style is really fabulous and I confess to owning several pieces!

  6. Hi Katie, Delightful to hear from you and what YOU like! Well, I guess that I am so addicted to faience, that I love both old and newer Quimper..and have four place settings of Soleil plus a covered vegetable bowl. This pattern really does look stunning in the blue cabinet in your photo. Just love all faience, I think..and have many kinds, including some older pieces of Italian too. Very interesting post, and I just shudder to think what happened to the not-child-proof piece of Quimper.

  7. Katie, Luckily for the Quimper manufactures, lots of people agree with you! And I think a number of collectors of old Quimper got into it because they had some new. HB-Henriot put the Soleil decor on the shelf for several years, but it was reinstated a couple of years ago!! ... judy

  8. I'm not a member of QCI - just a Quimper lover. I don't know a lot about it, I just know I hardly ever see a piece of Quimper (new or old) that I don't love. Oh, how I would LOVE to set my table in new Quimper pieces, and I would love it even more if they didn't match each other! Love the Soleil pattern. laurie