Thursday, 8 April 2010


Plate rack circa 2006 - Plate rack circa 2002

I think this has happened to many collectors especially those living in earthquake country, California. Although my big crash occurred in Colorado – twice. The first time was because of improperly hanging a display cabinet due to lath and plaster. Oh the joys, of a 1940’s cottage. Thankfully some things bounced off the hardwood floor and well the others I just glued back together and told myself “they are still beautiful.” After all don’t we all get “fine cracks” while we age….

The other time was when my then toddler (pictured above) decided to “touch” the plates on the plate rack and two bounced off and crashed onto the not so soft hardwood floors. Again I just scooped them up and preserved the shards in a box. Someday when I have time I will make a mosaic planter or something.....

Have you ever had a crash? Isn't it the worse feeling at first and then slowly you feel better.

Plate rack circa 2010 - No temptation.

Happy Collecting! - Katie


  1. Katie, cute post! Sorry you've experienced a couple of crashes. I guess we all have. When I see pieces of Q for hundreds to thousands of $$$ it makes me think: "crash"! LOL

  2. Great post Katie, yes I've had my share of "crashes" and I well remember that sick feeling you get when you see something beautiful lying on the floor in bits. It's just as bad as when you buy something on ebay and the vendor doesn't pack it properly.You know just by gently shaking the box that disaster has struck.
    To repair or not to repair, that could make a great blog post!!

  3. That would be a great post. I have never had anything "professionally" repaired. I have been packing up here and anything that means a lot to me I double box it and use lots of bubble wrap and peanuts!