Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Decor Riche

For a long time after I first started collecting I wanted something in the Decor Riche decor. I waited, I admired and finally I found two small plates that I loved and could afford. The two above are marked HB Quimper. I can't remember who I purchased them from, I wished I had kept a journal of my purchases. I can remember best the ones I received on trips. While some people bring home souvenir spoons I like to bring home souvenir French faience as I imagine most of you like to do.I hope when I get everything unpacked I can blog again and share more pieces especially those that I found on trips.

Happy Collecting! - Katie

1 comment:

  1. Katie, these are sweet pieces. I don't have but a few pieces with this "rich" border. Hope the move is going well. I look forward to seeing more after you unpack the boxes. :-)