Sunday, 28 March 2010

"Sojourn in Savannah" QCI Annual Meeting. October 2010.

News just in is that acclaimed artist Philippe Lalys has accepted your co-hosts invitation to be a guest speaker at the QCI 2010 meeting in Savannah, later this year.
Below is an excerpt taken from an article that appeared in the December 2005 issue of the Quimper Club Journal, author Judy Datesman.
“When the HB Henriot factory in Quimper reopened under the ownership of Paul Janssens in 1984 Philippe was hired for a newly created position, that of responsable création, followed a year later by a promotion to directeur artistique, a position he held until 1991, when he left to open his own atelier as an artiste libre.

Fresco splashback in Philippe Lalys' kitchen; the vase was an Odetta creation of Chanteau.

According to Philippe, working with pottery is not like working with porcelain. Painting on porcelain is work that is done on a surface already glazed and fired; the substance is more solid and the designs can be much more detailed. There are three stages of firing, and the third stage can be repeated several times to develop color and design layers.”
Cerelle B wrote about her love of Philippe's work when she was our guest blogger last year. Click here to see it again.

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  1. Great news, Maggie! This is exciting. I've admired his work and look forward to meeting this talented artist. Hmmm, any chance he might be willing to do the souvenir piece? :-) Wouldn't that be something.

  2. I must be getting excited about Savannah, I dreamt about it last night !

    Great news that Philippe is coming to the meeting...

  3. Maggie, how neat that he is coming! His work is outstanding, rivals the best, in my humble opinion.

    The new look is nice!

  4. Fantastic new blog design Maggie, and very excited about meeting Phillippe Lalys!!

  5. Hooray! Hurrah! Formidable!
    Philippe Lalys is coming to Savannah! Great work you clever "organizer ladies" for inviting him!