Friday, 5 March 2010

Q and A Friday.....................Desvres??? and Barack Obama @ Mrs Wilkes, Savannah, GA.

QCI Member Liz M has asked for help in identifying this lovely figurine.
We  probably all think it's Desvres but can anyone identify the mark?
I think I have an idea and will comment later.

Liz has volunteered to help Savannah 2010 co-host Nina with planning some aspects of the Annual meeting this coming October.
One of the events planned is a private dinner at Mrs Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah. No sooner was this information shared with our members than one VIP just had to get in on the act.
Click here to see the YouTube video of President Barack Obama having lunch at Mrs Wilkes earlier this week. He recommends the chicken!


  1. I have eaten @ Mrs. Wilkes. Thanks for the link, so funny seeing the President right there! . You are so busy passing food, it is hard to relax and eat but the food was great!

    Savannah is great! Everyone should have on their to do list...and Charleston too!

    Enjoy! Jennifer aka Gigi

  2. That video was priceless. Thank you for sharing it.