Monday, 8 March 2010

Quimper faience: Forms and Decors. Candle holders.

The QCI Journal is published twice a year and always includes a very interesting and informative article describing a form or decor. These articles are written by a club member who has a particlar fondness for the subject and always include plenty of full colour photographs of a variety of pieces to illustrate the text.
I have gathered together some back issues of the Journal as I thought it might be interesting to review some of these articles not just to reacquaint ourselves with the abundant choice available to Quimper colletors but also to share with visitors to the QCI Blog who may be just beginning to discover the wonderful world of Q.
In the December 2003 issue 2nd VP Cerelle Bolon wrote a superb article on candle holders, here's a taste of what she had to say.

The Edits Sumptuaires of 1689, in which Louis XIV declared that all gold and silver must be given to the Court, meant that the use of gold and silver in titled homes was forbidden. The absolute coup came in 1709, when another Royal edict, the Edict de Fonte, was imposed, making even the ownership of silver and gold illegal. From that moment the titled and wealthy had no dinnerware and no decorative pieces which had once made their table settings objects of prestige and envy.

Since the seret of making true porcelain had not yet been discovered, the material of choice was faience. All manner of beautifully painted, immense and amazing objects were crafted. Candle holders and candlebras were among these.
As with other forms of faience, inspiration has been taken from previously existing items fabricated in gold or silver. Of all the various and creative forms the most desirable and useful pieces are these myriad types of candleholders. Ranging from the classically formal to the amusing and even grotesque, there is a plethora to choose from.
And for those of us who are collectors, I must admit they still inspire covetousness!

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  1. How nice to revisit some of these articles Maggie. Cerelle always does interesting things, this one is no exception.

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