Friday, 26 March 2010

Keraluc Gay S.

Cheers !
One advantage of collecting Quimper is that there seems to be something for everyone - there are several manufacturers, hundreds of different styles and representations of several era's.
As an example contrast these jolly, mainly plaid flasks, perhaps best described as 'retro' with the Porquier Beau botanicals recently shown on this blog.

These flasks are made by the Keraluc faiencerie and were usually made to hold various Alcoholic drinks....Cognac and Whisky we are familiar with. Guignolet d'Anjou is a dark cherry liqueur, served without ice as an Aperitif. It's also an ingredient of guignolo a cocktail where the cherry liqueur is added to champagne.
Vieille Prune is a plum brandy aged in oak caskets that has a smooth taste typically its produced in Souillac.
Liqueur de Vieux Presbytere could have been made for a restaurant or hotel of that name, but that is just a guess !
A few flasks are not for alchohol: perhaps Sante Sobriete was for a non alcholic drink as health and sobriety could be an odd thing to find on a bottle of spirits !
Most of the flasks I have seen are plaid but there are a few that are decorated in more of a cartoon style - so far I haven't been able to add any of these to my collection but I'm keeping my eyes open !


  1. I think the Vieux Presbytere flask should be living here with me, n'est pas?

  2. Gay I don't have any of these, but it's certainly interesting to read about them!

  3. The Cognac flask (last image) makes me think of an Toulouse-Lautrec illusrtation. Lovely!

  4. Those are so unique. I love them! Thanks for sharing them. laurie