Friday, 19 March 2010 Gay S

As some of you will have read before I'm gradually packing up my Quimper so that the builders can start a 'project' as I packed I noticed just how many Ecuelles (lugged bowls) I have.......
How many of us started our collections with such pieces, only to swiftly move on to more ‘exciting’ forms?
Yet my feeling is that the humble Ecuelle or bowl is much underrated.
To begin with they come in many sizes; some could serve as little salts, while at the other end of the scale some are large enough for mixing and serving.
Some come with lids, some do not.
In addition they come in a great variety of decors : Petit Breton, Geometric, Ivoire Corbeille, Florals, Tennis ball, Basque, Broderie and Soleil to name just a few.
They can be used in the kitchen or for eating – for a breakfast ‘chocolat’ with croissants, cereal, soup, scrambled eggs, olives, snacks, nuts, chips, dips, deserts etc.
In the office a small size Ecuelle makes a charming holder for paper clips on a desk.
Or they can be decorative: I’ve displayed small plants such as African violets or little Kalanchoe in them, filled them with pot pourri or given them as a gift filled with cookies or sweets.
For home decorators they are a boon - they are just so 'Country French' and there is something very satisfying about a 'nest' of these bowls in the kitchen.
I'm sure other collectors have other great ideas for these lug bowls too.
Sometimes you will find the foot rim of the bowl is pierced, this makes displaying them a real snap, just thread some string through the holes and make a loop, or if the foot rim is plain you can buy special bowl stands or hangers.
For novice collector one of the most attractive aspects of buying Ecuelles is that are nearly always very reasonably priced, if you want to use the bowl it’s best to make sure the glaze condition is good, no hairlines or chips where it will matter. The more modern bowls will happily survive the dishwasher.
Next time you are viewing online auctions or looking around an antique fair do look out for a bowl or even two.
Hey presto - your collection has started !


  1. Gay, thank you for another interesting post. My collection began with one of these bowls, I was so pleased to find it as it was difficult to find anything at that time.

    Have a great week end.

  2. Gay, great post. I agree, this little form is a delight. I'm sure we all have a few of these among our collection. They are not to be over looked. Thanks for sharing these photos.