Tuesday, 19 January 2010

White Wednesday........................by Gay S.

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I have heard of one collector of Quimper who only has white or blanc faience, but I have just this one piece.
The white pieces are still made today – look here for a selection.
The plain white enamel certainly lets one really appreciate the lines of the form.

The piece above is ‘Jeune Bigouden’ by Rene Quillivic. I like it because of feeling of movement, it seems he might step off of my shelf any moment! He has a certain ‘joie de vivre’ which some of Quillivics other figurals lack, often the stance or expression is somber or the head is tilted down……never the less I would like either ‘Jeune fille de Plouhinec’ or ‘Jeune Fille au doight dans la bouche’ to accompany him – for now he has to make do with a black cat (more about that later)
Rene Quillivic was born in Plouhinec, Brittany in 1879. He first worked as a fisherman but after a bad storm in which he came close to losing his life he took up woodworking. Inspired by the fine carving he was doing on furniture he went on to study art and won a scholarship to the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.
As well as producing faience figurals he also designed decors for plates which are quite distinctive and often inspired by tradition Breton motifs. Quillivic is also revered as a sculptor and produced several War Memorials in Finistere. He died in Paris during 1969
The black cat is by a contemporary artist Odile Landry who has also produced a cat sleeping

In the back ground are some older paintings on parchment which I have had re framed…..they are nicely done but some of those ladies look quite fierce!


  1. Gay, I haven't a single white piece, but yours is stunning and so well highlighted against the wood of your walls. I enjoyed your giving some of
    Quillivic's history too, I am ever eager to learn, had no idea he began as a fisherman. So happy he went another direction so we can enjoy the fruits of his labor.

    Most interesting, enjoy this fine scuplture.

  2. I learn something every time I come to this blog. I've never seen a white piece. He is a beauty. laurie

  3. What a handsome fellow, Gay. I don't have any of the blanc pieces in Quimper, but do have a wonderful jardiniere from Geo Martel. Thanks for sharing this. ~ Sarah

  4. What a special statue. Thanks for playing along today and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

    Take care,