Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Last Look!

Over the years I have been asked several times to feature my collection in the Journal but I’ve always refused, however I thought that I would show you a last look around some of my collection as it is at present.

To say the least its eclectic……I’ve always bought what I like and the result is rather a mish-mash, however it’s ‘my mish-mash’ and as you have seen from my stints at blogging, some of these pieces hold special memories.

We have display pieces; a dresser and shelves and in addition a unit that is in sections and fits around a radiator…..the room that houses these items is currently the dining room but in the next few months it will become a kitchen, while what is now the kitchen will be extended and become a dining/family room……
The problem is that I currently have 3 walls for display, but somehow I’ll only have two in the new extension (how did that happen?) This will mean that I have to make some hard choices and /or rotate displays…….
My parents gave me the Pornic birds, and the dresser was made to fit them, not the other way around, so they are a definite

I have three sections of Desvres…… then there are some Broderie items, some Normandy décor and some pieces by Brisson, and of course there are the fish…..and so we go on… does anyone have any tips for prioritizing ?

One guest commented on the elderly Breton lady on the right (she sits on our dresser over seeing the dining table) that he thought she could 'sour milk'!!!
I guess she'll be souring milk in the new extension too -

The little girl holding the bird (on the far left of the picture below) is much restored but we love her just the same. For some years we rather thought that she was eyeing that bird up for her dinner but a lady at a fair in Pont Aven corrected us and told us that she is just talking to him.....phew !!!

PS. In each Quimper Club Journal we feature a form or décor – this time it’s the turn of Ivoire Corbeille décor: please send your photos (jpegs preferably)for inclusion in the Summer Spring issue - many thanks…


  1. Gay, thank you so much for sharing your collection with us. I see many pieces I covet, so if you feel the need to 'down size' you know where to find me. :-) Seriously, I hope you can fit them all in and I think that's what collections are all about, what make us happy and bring a smile to our face when we see the piece.

    I like the lady sitting there who could 'sour milk'. The Sevellec pieces are to die for as well as the Haffen ones. I also see a plate with a man fishing, and on and on....

    Have looked forward to each and every one of your blogs, enjoyed them so much.

  2. Gay, This does not let you off the hook from having your collection featured in a Journal!! Indeed, it merely whets the appetite ... judy

  3. Gay,
    Where there's a will there's a way!
    When all is rearranged and has found a new home I look forward to seeing your collection featured in the QCI Journal at last.
    No ore excuses.

  4. Gay, as I've been privileged to see this wonderful collection first hand, I can say these photos don't do it justice. And you well know that I've lobbied for years for you to let us feature this collection in the Journal. It is past time. But thanks for sharing these photos for others to get a peek.

  5. Hello - I have been looking on line trying to find something of Quimper that matched the serving for 12 breakfast set I inherited - I finally found it in one of your blog pictures - it matches the tan with brown set featuring what I believe is a more "modern" look that you have on the top shelf in a picture above. I have the large platter with 2 Breton musicians playing with one playing a bagpipe as well as cups and saucers and plates for 12, 2 small pitchers, a sugar bowl, 2 spoon rests, a rectangular tray and a couple of other pieces I don't know what they're used for! A neighbor of my grandmother's was quite well traveled (apparently to France at least once!) and gave the set to Grandma when she was cleaning out her basement many years ago. I've kept them wrapped in paper in a box for a long time, except for the large platter which I have kept on display. I hadn't a clue about Quimper until I started researching. I've no interest in collecting it, but sure admire it and hope to have a nice tea party with my set one day! Thanks for sharing your collection.
    Mary in Westerville, OH