Thursday, 28 January 2010

Q & A Friday

Please don’t forget that every Friday we will feature any questions we have had submitted and do our best to find the answer. Everyone can take part, whether they are a Quimper Club member or not !
Just send your questions to and we’ll do our very best to find the answer.

As we have no submissions this week I am going to turn the tables and ask you all for some help:
If you have been following the blog during January you will know that an upcoming home improvement project means that I will soon be packing up much of my Quimper for a while and then hopefully displaying it in a fresh way when the pottery re-emerges from its packing boxes into the new kitchen and dining/family room.

One challenge is trying to find a way to make an attractive display of all my little plates – I have about 50 of them in various sizes from about an inch and half across to just over 3 inches…..there are several decors but many are geometrics – the little dishes made popular little souvenirs of a visit to the faienceries or to Quimper and I have yet to see two alike. Some of the larger ones are a little deeper and perhaps were used for butter pats or curls.
These little dishes make a good start to a collection; you can become familiar with the feel and colors of the pottery without making a huge investment.
(Of course the very best start for anyone starting to collect would be to join the Quimper Club, but then I would say that, wouldn’t I?)
Is there a talented decorator out there? Does anyone have any ideas to display these cute dishes ?
I’m not very clever with anything crafty so nothing too difficult please…in addition dusting is not my favorite occupation ( I guess you may have noticed that!)
Oh ....and there is a 'fake' pictured in the collection, have you guessed which one it is yet ?

Lastly I have a favor to ask – I expect like me you will have been horrified by sheer scale of the disaster in Haiti and perhaps wished that you could do something. I’m pretty certain that many of you will have already donated generously to the disaster fund, but I wanted to draw your attention to a super organisation called Shelter Box’ This organisation sends Shelter Boxes to areas of need, the contents of each box are tailored to the specific requirement of each situation but each box will help 10 people survive for at least 6 months. The boxes contain such things as a tent, sleeping bags, water purification equipment, cooking equipment and a multi fuel stove for cooking on – there are also a few extras, things such as a coloring books and crayons for the children…
The ShelterBox Trust is a UK registered charity organized and administered by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard but it also has international affiliates
Even if you have already donated to the Haiti appeal, do you think you could bookmark the Shelterbox site and maybe consider them the next time people need our help after a disaster - the chances are that Shelterbox will be there ...

Many thanks!


  1. What precious and gorgeous plates you have collected!! That is an interesting club u have! lucky u!Tq for visiting n the lovely comment u left..:))

  2. I think you have a charming collection, and I see many items I would like to see more closely. Also, I see some which are like ones in my collection. Your items are YOUR loves, and that is the way a collection should be! I, too, have some strange and different items that "speak to me" they came to live with us. Thank you for sharing, and good luck with your kitchen!
    As to the display of your tiny plates, why not do a geometric design or pattern with them? It depends on the size of the space you have in which to display them, but it could be linear, or a central design like a starburst, or horizontal down an open space on a wall.
    Have fun with them!