Thursday, 14 January 2010

Q and A Friday

Welcome to the second Q&A Friday!

Whether you are an experienced collector or a novice just starting out; from time to time we all have questions about Quimper and related faience.

This is an opportunity to pose a question, no matter what (although I’m sorry, we cannot help with valuations).Beginners are very welcome,we all started somewhere. Your questions can be about anything French faience related at all. Questions (and answers) are welcome from everyone whether you are a Quimper Club member or not. We will all do our very best to find the answer.
We’ll be repeating this opportunity on a weekly basis – Friday is Q&A day
Questions: please post your Questions in the comments section of this post or alternatively send them to You can also send photographs (jpegs) to this email address.

This week we have a question from Cerelle about the manufacture of this lovely Salamander – does anyone recognise the mark?
Could it perhaps be Nevers? Louis Glanchar? And if so do we know anything about him

Or are we on the wrong track ?

Answers: If you think you may know the answer to a Question posted here please post in the comments section or email

Many thanks!

PS. Doris has sent this picture which is of a Moustier mark and indicates the work of Olerys Laugier - could this be it ?


  1. Cute salamander. I've not seen this mark though the style reminds me of the AG mark that is still a mystery to us. ~ Sarah

  2. At first I thought it might be a Fourmaintraux mark (Desvres) but after speaking with a dealer friend changed my mind.
    I hope he's going to leave a comment and claim the victory himself but if he doesn't, I'll let you know what he thought before next week's Q&A.

  3. So hope we can solve this, as I have a pair of bouquetieres with this same signature. Remember Cerelle, I once showed them to you to see if you might know? The closest I have come is this:

    From the book FRENCH FAIENCE by Jeanne Giacomotti

    I hope this link works, but am not sure it will. In any case, I have sent it to Gay, maybe she can add it.

    Your salamander is a nice one Cerelle.

    Best to all,

  4. If you cut and paste the whole link, it does work, I tried it.

  5. I'll see if this will make the picture appear in comments : [IMG][/IMG]

  6. I've just had an email from Yannick C to say he doesn't know the exact answer but 18c Moustier didn't use a number after the mark.
    The mark is similar to an 18th century mark, that of Olerys et Peloquin, however Yannick feels the piece is an 19th or 20th century piece, the decor is similar to that of Moustier. He thinks that like sometimes in plates... maybe a person has made a copy using the mark and decor but with a new style / piece beacause this piece dates from end of 19e or 20e century...

    Thanks Yannick !

  7. Thank you everyone for your observations and suggestions. So, I suppose it is from the same period as many of the plates, etc. we so admire. As with some of them, we may never learn the name of the maker..but that does not keep us from admiring the artistry and enjoying our treasures!
    Thank you, Merci!