Sunday, 6 June 2010

Visit the Mighty 8th Museum with Tom S.

During the next 3 or 4 months we'll be telling you about some of the events and visits that will take place during the QCI Annual meeting in Savannah, GA. October 24th -27th.
Over the years the number of QCI members who bring their partners/ friends/ siblings to our gatherings has grown.
One of them even coined the group name "tag alongs" to describe the invited guests.
As a previous "tag along" in Philadelphia and Dallas, Tom Slonaker has this year been upgraded to "involved husband" and is offering a treat for history buffs and aficionados of classic war planes alike on Tuesday morning (26th October).
The Mighty Eighth Air Force, founded in Savannah, was the greatest air armada ever assembled.
Tom has planned a visit to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, where you can see a B-17 up close and inside, and also the fighter planes which protected the bombers over Europe during World War II.
For those who want to celebrate the Allied victory—and would enjoy the planes and paraphernalia, there is much of interest here.
The Mighty Eighth Air Force operated from the United Kingdom and helped to defeat the Nazi aggression of World War II.

The men and women of the Mighty Eighth are celebrated by a beautiful 90,000 square foot display building just 30 minutes drive from the Hilton DeSoto, Savannah, in Pooler, GA.
The tour will take about two hours, transportation will be provided and lunch will be available.
See your QCI Registration materials for further details or contact the organisers by email @

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  1. Looks to be a great event for those interested in life beyond pottery. LOL
    Looking forward to Oct. ~ Sarah