Sunday, 13 June 2010

Alluring and Endearing: Children and Quimper Pottery.

The December 2006 issue of the QCI Journal featured an article by Quimper expert and author Sandra V. Bondhus, entitled Alluring and Endearing: The Appeal of Children.

In it she wrote:
"Depictions of children have universal appeal to collectors worldwide and in every field of interest. Faience devotees are no exception.

She continues..........In Breton culture there was a profound love for family life and a deep seated affection for children. Large families were prized and children were considered precious treasures.
Many of the scenes bretonnes included children as well as adults."

"Each scene appeals to innocence with a joyful naivete. How can we resist such sweet renditions of the potter's art?
 Perhaps this is why so many French faience collectors enjoy the addition of children's pieces to their collections and why some even choose to focus solely on this very special area of collecting".

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  1. If I could afford them, I would be collecting these. They are so endearing. What beautiful examples you've shown. aurie