Thursday, 17 June 2010

QCI Arizona Chapter, Lunch @ Chez Nous, Scottsdale by Cerelle & Nina

QCI members who reside in Arizona recently got together for lunch at Chez Nous, Scottsdale.
Charter QCI member and 2nd VP Cerelle, and Sojourn in Savannah 2010 co-host Nina, are happy to blog about the great time they had.
Firstly, by way of introduction, Cerelle had this to say:
I am one of the original Quimper Club members, having joined when Lucy and Katie sent out their first invitations via Lucy's eBay ad. Bill and I were so excited and drove over to Santa Monica for that first meeting. We were absolutely dazed by all of the beautiful faïence! The sales at our annual meetings do that to me every time!
As I was, for some time, the only collector of Quimper that I could find in the Phoenix area, I decided I would just have to "create" some. Nina was enticed into joining me on the trip to Quimper for the 2001 meeting. I gave her a membership so she would feel part of the group and started her out with a little Quimper gift. The rest is history! Here she is, helping co host this exciting meeting coming this fall in Savannah!

Hope was another friend of both of ours, so I gifted her with a small piece of Quimper and we persuaded her to join as well. She and I travelled to Dallas for the meeting and she loved it all, and purchased another piece of faïence at the sale. Happily there are now THREE members in Phoenix, well, quite properly 2 and a half, as Nina is in the area only part of the time.
We had a grand get-together at a new restaurant here in Scottsdale featuring crepes, shades of Quimper! The French couple who own Chez Vous are friendly and the food is great.
What a charming touch of France so close at hand.
We ate and laughed and chatted about all of the great things planned for Savannah. Everything from the historic setting to the shops and the tours and the boat ride all sound wonderful. We are really looking forward to our Sojourn in Savannah!
It seems that Nina couldn't agree more, this is how she remebers their day together:
It’s been said that when two or more QCI members get together they will usually find a creperie or bistro for a bite to eat.
Recently Cerelle, Hope and I met in Scottsdale, AZ at the Chez Vous Creperie and Gelato.
It’s a new spot that has just opened, and it was perfect for a mouth-watering jambon savory and leafy salad. The young French couple, Richard and Isabelle Horvath, who run the restaurant were visiting Scottsdale last year, liked the area so much that they decided to uproot from France and give life a try in Arizona. With their new life and venture here, comes a new enchanting eating opportunity for all of us here in the Southwest.

We had the right prescription for a delightful time together. Great company, weather, restaurant, French food and conversation about Quimper, it doesn’t get any better. Cerelle, one of our featured speakers at the Savannah meeting in October chatted with us about her collection and thoughts she will share at the fall meeting.

She has recently acquired some new pieces with interesting stories before their arrival into her amazing home.
For those who have seen it, Cerelle and Bill’s home is more like a live-in museum. Every time Hope and I visit the there, we see a new piece, learn something new or hear a different tale.
Cerelle will be sharing many of these anecdotes with us in Savannah.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the activities of the Arizona members and some of Cerelle's collection, come back again next week for a preview of some of the Quimper that will be on show during the private homes tour in October.


  1. How lovely to read about your get together, and such a great venue too !

    Can't wait for Savannah - its going to be terific.....

  2. Looks like a fun time and a charming little French bistro. Looking forward to the meeting in Savannah. ~ Sarah