Monday, 21 June 2010

The Normandy Decors of HB Quimper & Henriot Quimper by Maggie B

Living as I do in Normandy I am very taken with the "Normandy" decors.
In the 1920's both the Grand Maison de la Hubaudiere, under the ownership of  Jules Verlingue and Louis Bollore, and the Henriot faiencerie produced items destined for sale in Normandy.
(HB produced pieces for other regions of France also, these included Provence, Pays Basque, Auvergne, Pyrenees and Savoie amongst others).

Holiday souvenirs were very popular items and many of the Normandy pieces were decorated with an apple motif to represent the wonderful apple brandy, Calvados, which is still produced in the region today.

Broad red and green brush strokes for the border are another motif that was sometimes used on HBQ Normandy pieces.

The Henriot factory wares produced specifically for the Normandy market, were marked with an interlaced PB and the name of a town or the region.

The man and woman featured on these pieces would be depicted wearing regional costume.

A large pair of beautifully painted Henriot Quimper vases - the man wearing the distinctive Normandy black cap and the woman a tall coiffe, made from Normandy lace.


  1. I have a little group of Normandy decors too - among my favorites. I especially like what I call 'the postman' (he has a blue hat)

    Lovely to see the other decors too

  2. Love this Maggie, I am very fond of the Normandy decor, you have some charming pieces like the vases.

  3. Nice post, Maggie. It's fun to see these pieces in the Normandy decor. I think the vases are my favorite. All beautiful!
    Have a great day! ~ Sarah