Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sojourn in Savannah: QCI Annual Meeting 2010.

Visitors to our blog who are also members of the QCI will already be aware that the 2010 Annual Meeting will be taking place this year October 24th thru 27th in Savannah GA.
As one of the co - hosts, it is going to be my pleasure to blog this month about the upcoming meeting and tell everyone about the events we have planned, places to go & people to see!
Since they live part of the year in the vicinity of Savannah my co - host Nina and her husband Tom have been very busy for the past several months, talking to service providers and visiting locations suitable for our group.
Many miles have been travelled, much Starbucks coffee has been consumed and much walking has been done! There have been times however when I would have happily traded the quiet life in Normandy to have visited some of the wonderful houses and museums with them. I shall be sharing their tales and photographs with you during the coming weeks.
To assist her with this humungous task, Nina has gathered together a small team of fellow volunteers and what is so great about this little gang is that they are virtually all QCI newbies.
Some of their collections, with one exception, are what you might call "fledgling" and so we came up with the idea of showcasing these, small but perfectly formed, collections by gathering them all together and they will be on display when we visit Moss Creek Plantation during our "on the bus" bonus day.
Our base for the meeting is the beautifully restored Hilton Savannah DeSoto Hotel and the meeting will officially begin there with the Meet & Greet on Sunday evening, 24th October.
However, for those who arrive in town ahead of Sunday we have arranged a couple of extra treats; dinner at The Olde Pink House on Saturday evening and a Riverboat Luncheon Cruise on Sunday afternoon.
We really plan on spoiling eveyone with Savannah's special brand of warm hospitality and Southern charm.


  1. Maggie, I'll look forward to the preview and am excited about the upcoming meeting. I know you and Nina have put many hours into the plans. I hope we get some new members to join in the fun this year. Hopefully some of our blog followers who live in the area will be able to join us. Wouldn't that be terrific?

  2. Sarah
    I really hope that some of our new blogger friends who are following QCI will decide to join us in Savannah, it would be great to meet them face to face at last!

  3. I'm really looking forward to the Savannah meeting now, it's always fun to meet people in person who have just been 'a name' before