Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Olde Pink House Restaurant and Planters Tavern, Reynolds Square, Savannah. GA.

On the evening before the QCI Savannah meeting begins Nina & I would like to suggest that any members who have already arrived in town, join us for dinner at the Olde Pink House.
To help you decide; a little history and a taster menu!
A National Monument; Savannah's stately Georgian Mansion facing Reynolds Square has an exciting history:
1771, the opening of the Habersham House- later called the Olde Pink House when the soft native brick begn to bleed through the plastered walls and mysteriously changed the colour of the Habersham House from white to Jamaican pink.
Built on land granted by the crown of England, James Habersham Jr. lived in this mansion from 1771 to 1800. This wealthy planter's home held many secret meetings which helped secure the independence of the 13 colonies from England.
In 1811 the Old Pink House became the Planter's Bank, the first bank in Georgia.
The Halls of the Habersham House opened to military Generals after Sherman presented the city of Savannah as a Christmas gift to President Lincoln and General York set up his headquarters in the Olde Pink Mansion.
The house changed hands many times after the War between the States - attorney's office, bookstore, colonial tea room, and suffered from neglect and decay.
In 1992 the William Balish Family, native Charlestonians, purchased the Habersham House and all its ghosts and began a major project to remove the decaying walls, restore the sagging building, reseach its past and reconstruct it to its original grandeur; thus beginning a new era for this grand old house.
(Text taken from Habersham House - history revisited, courtesy of the Olde Pink House Restaurant and Planters Tavern)
Sadly I don't have any photo's of the interior of the Olde Pink House but such is the wonder of blogland that recently Yvonne @ Stone Gable blogged about The Olde Pink House for Pink Saturday, click on the link for some wonderful photo's of the dining rooms.
The Olde Pink House: Sample Signature menu.

First Course Choice:
Low Country She Crab Soup, laced with Golden Sherry.
Fried Green Tomato BLT Salad, buttermilk thyme dressing.

Entree Course Choice:
Filet Mignon, green peppercorn demi glace.
Blue Crab Stuffed Black Grouper, white wine lemon pan sauce.
Bourbon Molasses Grilled Pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes & pecan vanilla butter.
Crispy Scored Flounder, apricot shallot glaze.

Dessert Choice:
Praline Almond Sorbet.
Chocolate Oblivion Torte.
Raspberry Sorbet.

Roger & I had the pleasure of lunching at the Olde Pink House with Nina & Tom when visiting Savannah last March and I can recommend the Fried Green Tomato BLT and each and every one of the desserts!


  1. H,i Maggie. I've eaten dinner at the Pink House. Look forward to joining you in October. I'll start with the desserts! :-)

  2. Well there goes the diet !! Looks terrific doesn't it......whats another inch on the hips !

  3. Looks delicious! Can't wait for the meeting. - Katie Sledge