Tuesday, 25 May 2010

CA, A French Faïence Breakthrough by Millicent Mali.

Recently I blogged about Millicent Mali and the Old Quimper Review magazine, click on the link if you missed seeing that post.
One of the commenters mentioned Milli's second book: CA, A French Faïence Breakthrough.
CA bell, decorated with the armorial shield of Brest, Brittany.
Although I am not a dedicated collector of CA,  I have just three pieces, I do admire it's country charm.
The fleur de lys is one of my favourite decors.
CA faïence whilst not being as pretty (in my eyes) as Quimper is very charming, I particularly like the  armorial pieces decorated with French provincial town shields.

CA cruchon pot with cover, decorated with the shield of Brest, Brittany.

Milli's CA book has been a huge help in deciphering the emblems on my pieces, especially the unmarked sauce boat with attached underplate which is not signed.
"we were surprised to find CA pieces relating to the province of Lorraine. Town shields from this eastern province were portrayed along with the thistle motif, doves and the double barred cross of Lorraine".
I know of several QCI members who also collect CA and are always searching for unusual pieces.
The front cover of the book shows a CA lantern with a clown about to emerge from inside and this a much sought after piece.
Form 995, a covered box in the shape of Henri IV hat, is also on quite a few wish lists, I believe.
Are you a lover of CA? Tell us about your favourite piece, is it already in your collection or are you still searching?


  1. Maggie, you know I'm a fan of CA and enjoy finding the unusual forms produced by CA. I have one of the little Henri IV boxes in the form of a hat. It's definitely on my favorites list, right up there with my CA Napoleon pieces. I've long been enchanted with the whimsy and simple decor of CA. I purchased my first pieces in Washington, DC at the QCI meeting.

  2. Maggie, I am so pleased you wrote about CA. Though I am not a true collector of it, it is almost irrestible when a piece comes along. So by default, I suppose you would say, I do have a small collection. There is something about the naive charm of it that appeals to me. And Millie's book is definitely invaluable.

  3. Hello,

    I am not a collector of CA but I love french faience... the boxe in the end of your article is superb... I have just a piece of CA, it is very beautiful, the form is lotus with in the center the flower and 4 cups wich form the foliages. Around the flower there is 2 frogs and on the 4 cups there is 1 different bird... It is the only piece of CA that I have seen with a very natural decor...