Monday, 10 May 2010

Millicent S. Mali and the Old Quimper Review.

When I first discovered Quimper faience at an auction in Normandy I knew nothing about the subject, just that I liked it!
Isn't that how most collections begin?
The first Quimper reference book that I purchased was "French Faience: Fantaisie Et Populaire of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries" by Millicent S. Mali and I was reminded of this when a close friend, a relative Quimper newbie, recently asked me to recommend a book to help her with her fledgling collection.
For 15 years, Millicent also wrote and published the OLD QUIMPER REVIEW, a magazine highlighting faience factories, decors, traditions and locations in France.
For example in the July 1990 issue we learn about an important event that influenced the future of Quimper production: the appearance of the Breton man and woman and the representation of the drawings of Perrin and Lalaisse, on faience. The Grand Maison HB created a typically regional product which delighted the clientele.The patterns became very popular and were imitated by the Malicorne faienceries, among others.
I'm sure that the Q collectors amongst you will be able to tell which of the plates in my two mosaics are from the Grande Maison de la Hubaudiere and which one is Malicorne.

However, without advice from experts such as Milli how easy would it be to tell the difference, without checking the signature marks on the back?
As luck has it my friend is now also a member of the QCI and I was able to point her in the direction of the QCI's new Ning Network where she will be able to find information on purchasing back issues of the OQR.
Milli is making these available at a special price, but only for QCI members.

So, if being eligible to attend the Annual Meeting in Savannah later this year wasn't enough incentive to make you join QCI, this great offer from Milli should do the trick!


  1. Maggie, I have every issue of Millie's Old Quimper Review in my library and refer to them frequently. Anyone who in interested in Quimper should definitely own these. And of course her books are also on my library shelves. They too are frequent reference material. How fortunate we are to have experts like Millicent who is willing to share her knowledge.

  2. Same here Maggie, I have them all. Millie has contributed in so many ways, we are fortunate to be able to learn from her knowledge.

  3. Yes, Milli's book is our basic text! (and the following one is the same for CA). I have suggested to my new member friends that it is the first book they should buy..and it will serve them faithfully in learning. and in identifying the marks. I have worn out my first copy, and am using a second one (and preserving the first with her signature) Cheers, Milli!