Monday, 2 August 2010

Hot Summer our August Bloggers.

This month we have three QCI Members sharing blog duties.
Cerelle B, one of the guest speakers at our upcoming meeting in Savannah, is back again for another stint and she will be joined by well know Quimper expert and author Sandra Bondhus, and Louise R will be reporting from the British Antique's Fair scene.
We're starting the ball rolling with this lightheated look at Quimper pieces sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.
To spread the sunshine I'll be linking this post to Mosaic Monday graciously hosted by Mary @thelittleredhouse.
If you have time, do visit Mary and discover beautiful collages from around the world.
The plate below is from the Long collection. All other items are from Sandra's collection.


Here is Sandra's first blog:

As the August days of summer spread their glowing warmth over the golden coast of Brittany, it recalls to mind the coastal beaches with sunlight dancing on the ocean waves.
One can feel the warmth of the white sand both caressing and soothing as one strolls along the Breton beaches. The sun is the cause of this blissful summer respite.
The sun is also the symbol of light, warmth, and life, in both the Celtic and Christian traditions.
Both of these traditions strongly influence the culture of the region.

Is it any wonder then that we find the symbol of the sun painted with such a “joie de vivre” on many of the “faience populaire” pieces of Quimper?
I have always been attracted to this decor. There is something which simply brings a smile to the lips when looking at these delightfully rendered naive pieces.

I have found them on plates, chargers, covered mugs and snuff bottles. On every divergent form the little sun face seems to tug at the corners of my heart and coaxes me into a joyful smile.
It is a “Smile of Brittany”, which is reflected in the playful charm of this pattern.
Please allow me to share some summer smiles with you through the photos on this blog.

Come and allow me to invite you to stroll along the pleasant shores of Brittany and to vicariously bask in the summer sun through these fanciful faces, which so delightfully adorn these pieces of Quimper faience.



  1. I can just imagine being there in beautiful Brittany right now. These pieces are treasures.
    A most interesting post.

  2. Oh, Sandra, what a huge smile this post has given me! I can't think of a better way to start my morning. You have the most wonderful collection of pieces with the soleil decor! After visiting your home, I took up a mission to find a piece for our collection. Luckily a plate with the "Smile of Brittany" came our way several years ago. It's a treasure!
    Your first post is sheer delight! I look forward to more of your photos and interesting perspective through the month of August. Happy Summer! ~ Sarah

  3. After several summers during which the Breton sun decided to pass us by, this year we have been truly gifted with its rays! The Breton climate being what it is (sub-tropical but unpredictable), it is quite understandable that the Bretons, who depend in large part on farming to sustain their economy, have a profound appreciation for the sun. Merci, Sandra - what a splendid presentation!

  4. Love the plates - a splendid collection and a great first blog.
    Many thanks for sharing these with us

  5. What fabulous plates - I love them.......

  6. Sandra, you know how I love your sun plates and I remember the first time I saw them at your home. Your description of the beautiful Breton shore brings back lovely memories. Just a wonderful blog and a feast for the eyes!