Thursday, 26 August 2010

Another day, another Antiques Fair by Louise R.

At short notice (the night before!) we decided to go to a new antiques fair taking place in Newbury, in Berkshire.
Run by the same people as the big fairs at Ardingly and Newark this one is smaller, situated at the racecourse with lovely views across country.
Most of the stalls are outside and somehow seem more interesting, more piles of stuff to rummage happily through rather than the immaculately displayed indoor ones. The prices seem more interesting too!
Not the best fair I've ever been to, but with many familiar faces among the dealers and reasonable prices, a pleasant day out.

I really didn't expect to find much but to my surprise came across, first, an old Nevers pichet (with a chip on the rim) marked AM.

Then, an old Malicorne pichet, undamaged but unmarked, along with a 20's Henriot coffee bowl (yet another one!)

Good prices so couldn't resist them!

Lovely weather yet again, it’s been a good summer, but we do need some rain.


  1. Great finds. I wish I had been with you! La

  2. Louise, I have a few pieces of these Nevers pitchers. I find the painting and the scenes most detailed and interesting. Thanks for sharing your finds. ~ Sarah

  3. Lucky you Louise! How I wish we had things like that near me. Keep up the good work.

  4. Nice pitchers! I especially like the unusual Nevers one. It sounds like the kind of fairs that I find most exciting! Never know what you may find..and you found some nice treasures.