Monday, 30 August 2010

Free As A Cerélle B

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Free As A Bird....

Or As A Bird Should Be..

It is very uncomfortable for me to see birds in cages. A bird, by its very nature should be free, and though all do not retain the ability to fly, it is by description the very personification of a bird. And so, while I will not have caged birds, I love to provide food and habitat for them in my garden. In other words, they are invited and they DO come.

In Arizona, we have resident birds, Gambel Quail, the Cactus Wren (our state bird), roadrunners (of cartoon fame), and many other less famous but equally personable ones, the thrasher, the towhee, Gila woodpeckers, flickers, our feisty and musical mockingbirds, and among the many others, a special favorite..the tiny jewels - hummingbirds.

This stained glass wreath is one I designed...leaning on Della Robbia inspiration, and Bill crafted for us. This is our beloved Gambel Quail..rather than a Partridge.

There are also many migratory birds who spend part of the year here, or pass through on their way to places elsewhere. This way, we have the joys of Canada Geese, mallard ducks, orioles - who are native but come down from the mountains when it is cold, robins, and I have even seen a flock of snow geese flying over.
Here in our own yard, we have many of those flying aces, the jeweled hummingbirds. At certain times of the year, when the migratory ones join our permanent residents, there is a real competition for those four feeders.

I suppose it isn't surprising that I am always attracted to the faïence birds and have added quite a few to my collection. I do wish that I would find a hummingbird..but that seems not to exist...or at least I have not yet seen one!
Here are a few of my tiny ones..the chouette (small owl) is Malicorne, the paon (peacock) is from Tessier at Malicorne, and the duck basket is Geo Martel of Desvres.

This little bird-on-the-nest box is a real charmer..and is likely Desvres.

Also from Desvres, is this long legged bird by a stump which was made to hold a ring. I love his colors..and the way he has his eye on that little green caterpillar!

Then there are the bird plates...LOTS of Bird plates! I find it hard to resist them..and have more than I have room to hang. They sit on stands on a rotating basis. Many of the birds, I am unable to identify, likely as there are different bird species in Europe...must get a book.

These three are Quimper and I am just crazy about the cake platter with a bird and her nest..and the wonderful colors, especially those peaches, or perhaps apples..but I prefer peaches!

This charger is also from Quimper..and again I am unable to identify the bird, but he has character. I have MANY more..but this blog is only so long.

As with other items I collect, I search for faïence..but find other related things which I add too. This magpie just called my name. He is unmarked, and a soft ceramic not unlike faïence, but I don't know his origin...and only later discovered that he is a nice imitator of the ones by Meissen in 1730. Perhaps mine is Staffordshire.

At our meeting in La Baule, I bought this crazy owl..8.5 in (21 cm) tall, with a coiled snake on his head to hold a candle...imagine! He is done in soft colors, and I especially like the manganese lavenders. He was done by Geo Martel of Desvres.

Then have you ever noticed the
border on my Philippe Lalys platter
with the courting couple and the swan? It is all oak leaves and acorns and delightful little birds. I am not the ONLY bird lover!

He has done quite a few bird plates and I have one of a soft brown bird with a bunch of the cherries he is seeking.

Then, of course there is the big platter he did as a reprise of one by Porquier...
The songbird of many colors and the splendid, almost too good to be true, Golden Pheasant! (shown in a close view at the top of the blog)...

See you soon..Cerélle


  1. Cerélle, it's always fun to see pieces in your collection. You have such an amazing assortment of forms and decors. I adore that little bird on the nest box. Thank you for sharing all these treasures! ~ Sarah

  2. Cerélle, We too have lots of birds in our garden, and right now we have an unidentified visitor, very exciting! The little birds in the border of Philippe Lalys' platter are "mesanges" - blue titmice - one of our favorites!

  3. We too love birds though ours here in England are not nearly so exotic - I just adore those Philippe Lalys birds - and I have a feeling a group of his bird plates maybe my next collection

  4. Cerelle, you have a very diverse faience collection, I love seeing it and hearing about it. The Lalys pieces are stunning, in my humble opinion, comparable to the work of Beau, though I have none in my own collection.

    Another delightful post! Thank you!