Thursday, 4 February 2010

Q & A Friday - Sun Plates

What lovely Sun plates these are, but can anyone help with identifying the manufacturer ?

Cerelle writes :
Here is a plate I have had for some time..and cannot be sure who made it. My guess is Nevers..but don't know.It does not seem recent the way the paints have raised..almost a bubble on the dots down the leaf or feather. Anyway.. I love it and the happy sun, but it would be nice to know where it came from.


  1. Thank you for posting my plate. I would really be pleased if someone could give me some information about it. Thanks!

  2. Cerelle, I'm of no help on this. GM for Geo Martel, but then it doesn't look like the typical Geo Martel mark. You might check with Rita.
    Who ever produced this one, it is a stunning piece. I adore the sun motif plates! Do you have others?