Thursday, 11 February 2010

Q & A Friday - Mystery form ?

I've seen this form as a bell but this piece opens around the middle, has a hole in the bottom of the back and a shallow indentation in the inside.......
I'm not sure what it is - does anyone else know ?

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  1. Roger suggests,without knowing the dimensions, it's possibly an egg cup with cover?

  2. Gay, What does the underneath of the bottom part look like? Is it open or closed? If it's closed, I would guess that the intent was to put either hot or cold water in to keep whatever was inside either hot or cold. If it's open, I'll have to rethink it! ... judy

  3. It's a bit hard to visualize, but could it be a string holder? Cute, whatever her purpose!

  4. Noting to add to the above, but it is a cute piece.