Saturday, 6 February 2010

How a Quimper Inkwell brought out the sniper in Carolyn H

The rest of the story.................... for Mosaic Monday at Mary's little red house, where you will find fascinating mosaics and spring has sprung!!
Mary has a beautiful spring flower mosaic to brighten your day and get the week off to a great start, do go over and take a look.

Living in South Central Florida is definitely not the hub of Quimper collecting. I was lucky to find one or two pieces a year! I had gone to the library to learn as much as I could about Quimper and was astonished as to the variety.

I now knew what I wanted to collect. I would stick to the more unusual pieces. But where to look? France was out of the question!
When we got our first computer in the 90's and I was introduced to e-Bay, I went completely insane!

There, before my very eyes, were over 400 pieces at auction---Daily! What a find!
The first piece I fell in love with and absolutely had to have, was an inkwell shaped as a hat. Mother's Day was coming up and Bill told me that I could buy it.

It was a six day auction, I put my first bid on it and, to my surprise, no one else bid! I watched it daily.

Still no bids! I was glued to the screen, at the end of the auction, to make arrangements to pay for my new found treasure, when out of the blue, at the very last minute, someone out bid me!! I was horrified! How could this happen?? How could anyone be that cruel?

I had wanted it so badly. Now it was gone!
That was my first encounter with the fine art of "sniping".

It taught me a bitter lesson and I learned it well!

Over the next couple of months I became quite the little sniper--- with my timer in countdown mode and my hands on the keys---ready to pounce on my unsuspected pray!

Not pretty but all's fair in love and war---and this was WAR!!
My collection of Quimper is, for the most part, now complete. And, yes, I was able to find another identical hat with better results this time.
That's it in the bottom right corner of the large mosaic above.

If I buy another piece, something has to go and I am happy with my collection as it is. To me, Quimper is much too beautiful to be packed away in boxes. It should be touched, used and enjoyed. And besides, it makes me happy!

I have made many lasting friendships over my years of collecting and restoring Quimper. I believe everything happens for a reason. If it were not for my long association with Quimper these friendships would not have been possible. I have had the joy of meeting some of you and hope that trend continues.

Maybe we'll meet at the QCI Savannah meeting in October this year?
(All other photo's from quimperpix archive, all rights reserved)


  1. Your Quimper collection is beautiful. Just a lovely mosaic too.

  2. Carolyn, I think we can all relate to that sinking feeling. We are novices and sure that no one else must be interested, as no one has bid. But lurking in the wings....we do live and learn.

    Your pieces are stunning, thank you for sharing them with us.

    All best,

  3. Just to clarify..........Carolyn's hat inkwell is the photo bottom right in the first mosaic, all the others are not from her collection but from the quimperpix archives.

  4. Thank you for sharing your Quimper mosaic. I had never heard of this type of pottery, but then I'm not a collector either. It certainly is colourful and interesting.

  5. The folk art of various countries is really fascinating, especially the old tin glazed potteries. I'm a majolica fan.

  6. Beautiful mosaic. What a great story about your hat ink well! laurie

  7. I have never heard of quimper, but boy is it beautiful!!~

  8. Hi Maggie

    I've always loved Quimper china. It is so folkloric and beautiful. I don't own any as the prices are so high here. Is it more affordable in France?

    Beautiful mosaic and I enjoyed the story! Auctions can be so stressful!

  9. Your collection is very nice! I've never heard of Quimper china before...and I love learning something new.

  10. Carolyn, happy to hear you finally ended up with one of the chapeau inkwells. I think we all know that same feeling all too well. But as Millicent always says, "There will always be another one, and usually at a better price." I learned to live by that moto. Thanks, Millie!